All passengers at Kahului Airport arrive at Overseas Terminal on the second level as well as at the Commuter Terminal on the ground level. Signs are provided throughout the airport that will assist and direct you to Baggage Claim, intra-terminal transportation, or/and Ground Transportation. For visitors, the information Booths are located at baggage claim and Gate areas to assist arriving passengers.

Security Measures and Procedures for arrived passengers

Passengers upon their arrival in the States of Hawaii must be checked via TSA security agents. Security procedures include checking process of the carry-on baggage and the screening of the passengers under the body scanner. The same rules are applied for items to be placed for X-ray checking.

Custom and Border Protection

Passengers should go ahead to Custom and Border Protection as soon as the TSA Security procedures are finished. There are always two lines: One for Citizens of the States, another for visitors and travelers to Maui. Be aware of holding the right place in the queue and waiting for your time.

Custom ad Border Protection (CBP) takes the responsibility to check all newly arrived passengers. Remember to present Passport, ID with Photo, License, or Visa. GBP agents have to ask further questions if necessary. The items are about the reason for arrival, stay, duration, etc. Please be honest and patient while GBP agents are processing your information.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Point Areas at Kahului Airport

Baggage claim facilities are available on the ground level of the terminal. Passengers should take a route to Gate area to the ground level, via the elevator or escalator, and then turn right. There are signs in each corridor, so be attentive and follow them to get to your destination.



Departures procedures at Kahului Airport.


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Transfers between two terminals at Kahului Airport.