TSA Security procedures at Kahului Airport

Kahului Airport, with the state Department of Transportation and Airports Division (DOT-A) in collaboration with t the Airlines Committee of Hawaii (ACH) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), manage the security at the airport and ensure the safety of each passenger. The TSA urges all passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the scheduled flight departure time. Passengers need to check with their airline for the ticket counter to get the boarding pass. Security waiting time at Kahului OGG Airport is approximate, which means, it can vary based on factors like severe weather, airport construction, TSA staffing, etc.

All travelers must remove personal items and carry-on bags for security checking. Electronic devices should be removed from carry-on bags. Other items such as metal-made materials, food, and snacks, liquids and aerosols, hygiene materials, etc. should be in a bag and placed on the separate bin for X-ray checking. TSA agents take the duty to check the prohibited items and do not allow any passenger to carry liquids or food, restricted and against the rules.

For more information about prohibited items, visit the website:

Legal Documents

All travelers have to make sure they have the correct required documents ready for the Security checking process. Passengers need a valid photo I.D. or license, a valid proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or passport (immigration documentation, if required).

Under TSA policy, travelers aged 18 years and over have to show valid identification, I.D. with photo. Note that TSA does not require a license for children under 18 years commuting within the United States.

Security Checkpoints, Departure Terminal and Time

Passengers must arrive at the check-in counters and then at the flight's departure gate, and even onboard on time before the scheduled departure time.

The Commuter Terminal at Kahului Airport is served by Makani Kai domestic carriers and Mokulele Express. Whereas Overseas Terminal, it only serves long-haul and international services to mainland United States and worldwide destinations.

Ticketing and Check-In at Kahului Airport

For all major airlines, the ticket counters are located on the ground level of the main terminal except Mokulele Express, which can be found at the Commuter terminal. Most airlines provide curbside check-in areas for passengers departing from Kahului Airport.



Departures procedures at Kahului Airport.


Transfers between two terminals at Kahului Airport.