Kahului airport Parking service offers service and is located at the departure and arrival terminals. Each space is designed by row letters that enable drivers to find their vehicle quickly. At Kahului Airport, each parking zone features automatic ticket dispensers at the entrance, which makes parking as streamlined as possible. Payments are accepted by cash or credit cards.

Cellular Telephone Waiting Lot

The Kahului airport has a free parking zone - the Cellular Telephone Parking Lot. The free parking lot is available at Hemaloa Street, off Keolani Place. The lot is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. At this parking lot, drivers can wait to pick up travelers at the arrival terminal approximately up to one hour without any charge.

Commuter Terminal and Heliport Parking

Some pay stations for parking are available at both Heliport and both the Commuter Terminal. Be aware that parking is only allowed on a prepaid basis, and prepaid receipts have to be visible on the vehicles’ dashboard.

Electric Vehicle Parking

Kahului Airport, in the main public parking lot, provides parking lots for electric vehicles. Also, in the main public parking facilities, you can find electric vehicle charging stations.

Parking Rates

As shown in the above photo, Parking Rates at the Airport vary from $3 for one hour to $15 for 24 hours.



Transfers between two terminals at Kahului Airport.

Car Rentals

Car Rental Companies provides by Kahului Airport or nearby.

Duty free

Duty-Free and other shopping stores at Kahului Airport